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From simple addition to more advanced topics like fractions and equivalents, Math Blaster makes practicing math fun! With membership, your kids will have access to our complete selection of math challenges.

  • Unlock new levels based on 1st - 6th Grade curriculum
  • Build speed and accuracy in high-speed challenges
  • Reinforce math lessons learned in the classroom


At Math Blaster, your kids will begin their training as Blasters in the Intergalactic Space Patrol. With membership, your kids can achieve top ranks and unlock even more fun features and games!

  • Earn high-tech gadgets like the B-force Blaster Glove
  • Enjoy the complete selection of avatar pieces
  • Play member-only games and unlock bonus levels


New planets, math challenges and alien races are constantly being discovered at Math Blaster! With membership, your kids will be invited to join the Intergalactic Space Patrol on every mission.

  • Use math to save robots in exclusive Bolt Cruncher levels
  • Tame exotic aliens with brain power in Alien Wrangler
  • Access more challenging HyperBlast and Zapper levels


There's more to school than just math, which is why we offer a membership to completely free with your upgrade. At, your kids can enjoy fun-filled critical thinking games and much more!

  • Explore a magical online world packed with learning
  • Hatch, raise and train mythical creatures
  • Practice over 100 essential skills for school
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