Graph Problems

Children begin solving graph problems as early as preschool. Parents and teachers can help their kids master graph problems with Math Blaster's collection of fun activities, games and worksheets.

Independent Learning through Graph Problems

Young learners solving graph problems are required to make use of various skills that they have been acquiring in their previous classes. In order to make sense of the graph, they must be able to read fluently and understand the relationship between the various elements of the graph. While interpreting graphs, students are using their skills to acquire information independently – a big step in learning.

Working on graph problems also introduces students to the idea of using pictures to represent information. Students become aware of the different types of pictorial representations of data through bar graph problems, line graph problems and pie graph problems. Graph problems teach students to draw and interpret graphs on their own, a skill that they will continue to find useful throughout their lives.

Coordinate Graphing Problems

Coordinate graphing problems introduce new concepts to students who are already familiar with bar graphs, circle graphs and line graphs. Here, students learn to plot points on coordinate grids and then obtain a graph from these points. Coordinate graphing problems introduce the basics of advanced concepts in algebra and geometry to kids even while they are in elementary school.


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