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Angles of Polygons - Geometry Worksheet for Kids – Math Blaster

Angles of Polygons

"Angles of Polygons” is a simple yet comprehensive worksheet that familiarizes sixth graders with the formula used to determine the sum of the angles of a polygon. See more


Area of Parallelograms – Geometry Worksheet for Kids – Math Blaster

Area of Parallelograms

Do your students find geometry formulae difficult to remember? Well that’s sure to change with this geometry worksheet, “Area of Parallelograms”. See more


Area of Trapezoids - Geometry Worksheet for Kids – Math Blaster

Area of Trapezoids

This simple geometry worksheet will help your students understand how the formula for the area of a trapezoid is derived.See more


Area of Triangles - Geometry Worksheet for Kids - Math Blaster

Area of Triangles

One of the earliest geometry formulae learnt is that for the area of a triangle. Help your young learner arrive at the formula herself with this simple geometry worksheet for kids. See more


Area of Circles – Geometry Worksheet for Kids – Math Blaster

Area of Circles

“Area of Circles” is an incredibly simple geometry worksheet that will have your budding mathematician deriving geometry formulae in no time!See more


Geometry Problems for Kids

In geometry, all roads lead to geometry problems. Whether your kids are studying about areas, volumes, or properties of triangles, the ultimate test of their understanding is whether they can apply the information to solve related geometry problems.

Why Geometry Problems are Important

Geometry problems test a student’s understanding of the geometric concepts learned in the past, and require students to apply that understanding to solve the problem presented. Solving geometry problems gives students much needed geometry practice and strengthens their logical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills. It also helps teachers gauge how well students have understood the geometric concepts, and identify the areas in which extra help is needed. Only when students demonstrate their ability to correctly solve related geometry problems can they consider themselves well-versed in any specific geometric concept.

Solving Geometry Word Problems

Geometry word problems help students understand the real world application of geometric concepts. From calculating the amount of sheet metal required to construct metal pipes of a certain length and width, to calculating the length of the shadow of a pole at a certain time of the day, geometric concepts suddenly take on extra significance when solving geometry word problems. Solving geometry word problems can be tricky, as students must be able to understand which pieces of information are relevant, and how the information can be represented in a geometric diagram. However, as with other types of geometry problems, there’s nothing like regular geometry practice to become a pro at solving geometry word problems!


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