1st Grade Math Problems

Use our collection of free 1st grade math problems to give the little ones some math practice.


Clock Work – Time Worksheet for Kids - Math Blaster

Clock Work

Help your young learner get better at reading analog clocks with this simple time worksheet, “Clock Work”. Students find out more about others’ routines and answer a few questions about their own in this fun worksheet for kids. See more


Beautiful Butterflies – Math Practice for Kids – Math Blaster

Beautiful Butterflies

In this math worksheet, students practice adding and subtracting to balance equations as they put each of the beautiful butterflies in their right places. See more


Calculator Match – Math Problems for Kids – Math Blaster

Calculator Match

Test your mathematical ability by solving math problems and comparing your answers with the calculator’s in ‘Calculator Match’. See more


First Grade Math Problems

It is in first grade that the foundation in math is set. Even though some kids may already be familiar with some of the basics, it is in this grade that they get a firm grasp over crucial math topics. Use our collection of free 1st grade math problems to give the little ones some math practice.

Math Problems for First Graders

During first grade, counting is an important skill to master. Kids learn to count till 100, skip count, and compare and order whole numbers. They also learn about place value, addition and subtraction, and fractions, and begin to solve simple addition and subtraction problems. Apart from arithmetic, 1st graders are also taught basic geometry. This includes learning to identify different 2D and 3D shapes, symmetry, and more!

For some kids, learning all of this can be rather overwhelming. Teach them one thing at a time, and ensure that they’ve understood it well before moving them on to anything more advanced. Our free and printable 1st grade math problems will be a valuable resource for homeschooling parents and teachers who want to make the learning process more enjoyable for the little ones!

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