Traveling Math Buff

Traveling Math Buff - Printable Math Activity for Elementary

Traveling Math Buff

Traveling is fun for the entire family. But sometimes, when the journey is a long one, songs and chatter are not enough to keep the kids calm. As the initial excitement wears off and the adults begin to settle into comfortable silence and rushing sceneries, kids begin to get restless. Soon, questions and naggings can be heard at regular intervals. ‘Are we there yet’ or ‘how much longer’ are the favorites of the kids. Instead of giving vague answers to those questions, engage your kids with ‘Traveling Math Buff’ – a 5th grade math activity that is fun and is guaranteed to keep the kids occupied for the entire duration of the journey. As kids get engaged with this fun 5th grade math activity, they will be brushing up their distance, time, and speed skills at the same time! Your kids will fall in love with this amazing math activity.

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