Preschool Math Activities

It’s time to teach preschoolers some math! Check out our collection of fun, free preschool math activities to get the learning started.

Color by Number - Fun Number Recognition Activity for Kids - Math Blaster

Color by Number

Does your child love to color? ‘Color by Number’ is a great kindergarten math activity to combine coloring with number recognition – a basic math skill. See more


Sorting Dad's Toolbox - Sorting Activity for Kids - Math Blaster

Sorting Dad's Toolbox

Sorting and classifying toolbox items is a great way to sneak in some basic math lessons. Here’s a fun kindergarten math activity that shows you how.See more


Check out 'Number Picture Match'– Cool Numbers Activity for Preschool - Math Blaster

Number Picture Match

This fun preschool math activity teaches your little one to tell time. See more

Download 'Make a Play Clock'– An Interesting Time Activity for Preschool - Math Blaster

Make a Play Clock

This fun preschool math activity teaches your little one to tell time. See more

See 'Shapes in the Kitchen'– An Interesting Geometry Activity for Preschoolers - Math Blaster

Shapes in the Kitchen

Grab the chance to introduce your child to basic geometry with this simple and interesting math activity for preschool. See more

Check out 'Egg Carton Math'– A Free Math Activity for Preschool Kids - Math Blaster

Egg Carton Math

Help your preschooler make sense of math with “Egg Carton Math,” a free fun math activity for kids. See more

Check out 'Count and Eat'– A Free Counting Activity for Preschool - Math Blaster

Count and Eat

Here's a fun way to teach your toddler to count - link the lesson with one of his favorite activities – eating See more


Collections – Classification Activity for Kids - Math Blaster


Teach kids all about counting, comparing and classifying in this cun - errr... fun math activity for kids, “Collections”. See more


Who's This? - Free Preschool Math Activities and Lesson Plans

Who's This?

Teach preschoolers numbers from 1 – 20 with our fun math puzzle, ‘Who’s This?’! Free and printable, this math activity can be used by teachers as well as homeschooling parents. See More

Fun Math Activities for Preschoolers

Kids begin to use math at a very early age. What may surprise many is the number of different math concepts that preschoolers learn to use.

Preschool math activities can be both fun and educational. These activities focus on concepts like basic counting, learning different shapes, identifying patterns, differentiating between sizes and being able to compare and identify which is bigger, etc. These basics form the foundation on which the little ones will grow up to learn more advanced and complex math topics.

An important advantage of preschool math activities is that they are able to highlight the practical uses of math in everyday life. Simple activities such as getting your preschooler to count the number of plates on the dinner table, or measuring out one cup of water, will help the tiny tots establish the relevance of the subject. So go ahead and get your preschoolers started on our fun math activities and watch them grow to love the subject!

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