1st Grade Math Activities

Check out our collection of fun, free 1st grade math activities to make the subject more interesting for the little ones!


Easter Egg Addition Race - Addition Activity for Kids - Math Blaster

Easter Egg Addition Race

Want to sneak some math lessons in your child’s Easter fun and games? Try this cool kindergarten math activity and learn how. See more


Clock Diary – Time Activity for Kids - Math Blaster

Clock Diary

“Clock Diary” is a fun class activity that encourages students to share their feelings in a diary and gives them extra practice telling time as well. See more


Collections – Classification Activity for Kids - Math Blaster


Teach kids all about counting, comparing and classifying in this cun - errr... fun math activity for kids, “Collections”. See more


Circling Shapes – Pre-Algebra Worksheet for Grade 1 - Math Blaster

Circling Shapes

In “Circling Shapes”, first graders create a Venn diagram out of yarn and then sort cards into different categories based on their attributes. See more



Calculator Match – Math Problems for Kids – Math Blaster

Calculator Match

Test your mathematical ability by solving math problems and comparing your answers with the calculator’s in ‘Calculator Match’. See more


Call Out Your Number – Skip Counting Worksheet for Kids – Math Blaster

Call Out Your Number

Help your kids practice skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and also skip counting backwards with this simple math worksheet, “Call Out Your Number”. See more



Frankie's Facts

Out with the crayons! Frankie’s Facts is a color-by-number activity, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Students must solve the subtraction problems on the sheet first to get the differences. See More



Addition and Subtraction

Fact Bee

Fact Bee is sure to create a nice buzz in the classroom. Bring out the craft supplies and show students how to create these cute little fact bees. See more



Math Path - Fun, Free Math Activities for Kids

Math Path

Get the kids geared up for ‘Math Path’, the challenging, confusing, galactic math obstacle course! See more


Free Math Activities for First Graders

It is in first grade that kids begin to learn important mathematical operations and concepts. 1st grade math is crucial in that it helps the little ones build their foundation in the subject. Homeschooling parents and teachers can use easy but fun math activities to teach the first graders a variety of math skills including skip counting, basic addition and subtraction, fact families and measurements.

Math can be a tough subject for some kids to grasp. Math activities are, therefore, a great way to show the little kids the relevance and practical uses of the subject. By making math about more than just problems to solve, math activities keep first graders engaged and entertained and highlight important math concepts as well.

So get the little ones started on our easy 1st grade math activities and watch them grow to love the subject!

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