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Game Guide

Whether your family is new to or you are looking for ways to make even more beneficial and fun for your family, this Game Guide is the perfect place to start. Here, you can learn more about the amazing games at and find the perfect activities to help your kids amp up their learning!

Getting Started at

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Finding the Perfect Games at

Understanding Membership at

Getting Started at

Building a Blaster Cadet

Once your kids are logged in and on board the spaceship to Math Blaster, they are able to design their own Blaster Cadet, a personalized avatar that will run, jump and blast through the Math Blaster spaceship. Using the Molecular Modulator, kids have their choice of different hair styles, eyes, mouths, heights and even species for their Blaster Cadet! As your kids progress through the game and tackle the math training activities, they will earn merits and achievements. When they earn merits, your kids will climb the ranks in the Intergalactic Space Patrol (ISP), and their Blaster’s uniform will be upgraded for all of Math Blaster to see! To change the appearance of their Blaster at any time, players can visit the Molecular Modulator, located on their game toolbar.

Choosing a name

After designing their stellar Blaster Cadets, players are asked to select a name to identify their avatar in the Math Blaster Space Station. Don’t worry, though! We’ve designed our name selection tool specifically to ensure kids’ safety. Here at Math Blaster, players select a unique, silly name using our name modulator, a handy tool that is pre-populated with approved names like Allie SkyOrion. To change a Blaster Cadet’s name at any time, players can use their b-Pad (available at the bottom right of the game screen).

Exploring the world

Players can explore the world at by using the keyboard arrows. Remember, we are constantly adding new areas, games and features to the world at, so we encourage players to explore!

Earning merits and achievements

From participating in our ISP training activities, your kids will not only learn to protect the space station and far-away galaxies, but they will also build math skills. By playing the Math Blaster training activities located throughout the space station, players will be given merits and achievements for their hard work. As they progress, these merits will promote them to higher ranks in the ISP.

Adding B.F.F.s (Blaster Friends of the Future)

Exploring and learning are always more fun with friends! That’s why we built a safe and secure buddy system at to allow players to meet up with their classmates, neighbors and siblings inside the online world! If your kids have friends who are also playing at, simply go to the in-game B.F.F. booth on the Math Blaster bPad or the Parents section of to exchange and input buddy codes.

Remember, safety is the top priority at Math Blaster. We’ve designed a safe, kid-friendly system including multiplayer, chat and buddy list (B.F.F list) features. To select the perfect level of interaction for your kids, please use the controls in the Parents section of

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Chat at

We know that playing at can be even more fun with friends. To give kids the opportunity to interact with their classmates, siblings and teammates inside the world, we’ve designed a safe, kid-friendly system including multiplayer, chat and buddy list (B.F.F list) features. Since parents know their kids best, we ask that you use the controls in the Manage Kids page of’s Parents section to select the perfect level of interaction for your kids!

Multiplayer (with Safe Menu Chat)

Multiplayer allows your child to see other players in the game. Interaction between players is limited to emoticons, dance moves and Safe Menu Chat unless you enable Safe Type Chat. Safe Menu Chat allows players to communicate using only a limited list of questions, answers, greetings and phrases. This is our default and most restricted mode of chat.

Safe Type Chat

Safe Type Chat allows players to type in and send their own messages, as long as all parts of these messages appear in our database of approved words and phrases. Safe Type Chat must be turned on from the Manage Kids page of’s Parents section. Please note: Safety is our top priority at, and we are constantly improving and evolving our chat database, but messages that may be offensive to some players may get through the filters in Safe Type Chat mode.

Finding the Perfect Games at

Learn about areas by name includes a number of distinct portals and training activities.

  • Space Port
    • The Space Port is the main hub of the spacecraft, and kids can navigate to other space portals from here. Max, the seasoned space commander and mentor for the Blasters, can be found in the Space Port to remind Blasters of their purpose and mission in the Intergalactic Space Patrol (ISP). Currently, the Space Port houses the Space Port Fun Zone, Quick Launch access to all of the Math Blaster games and portals to Red Alerts, the Academy and the Ready Room. As the Academy gains more strength in numbers and the spaceship travels farther into space, more portals will open for advanced training.
    • Highlights Include: Fun Zone, Red Alert
  • Academy:
    • Blaster Cadet training commences in the Academy portal. Cadets report for duty under the commanding officer, Max! As Cadets train with Max, they earn merits and can be promoted to higher ranks in the ISP. Many of the training challenges are held in the Academy portal.
    • Highlights Include: Zapper Turret Training, HyperBlast Training, Job Board
  • Fitness Training Room (located in the Academy)
    • The Fitness Training Room is a great place for Blasters train for physical space challenges. In order to ensure that Blasters are in top shape, the Fitness Training Room has a Rock Wall Challenge and swimming area. Blasters can also practice their targeting skills in B-Force Blaster or work on speed and hand-eye coordination in Alien Wrangler.
    • Highlights Include: Alien Wrangler, B-Force Blaster
  • Ready Room (located in the Space Port and Academy)
    • To learn more about Math Blaster history, Blasters can visit the Ready Room to watch short movie clips about Blasters and noteworthy space adventures that came before them. Players can change the movie they are watching on one of the three kiosks found around the room. They can also sit down, relax and watch the movies with friends in the lower level of the room.
  • Red Alert (located in the Space Port):
    • Red Alert is an emergency alarm calling all Blasters to help protect the station from rapidly-approaching space debris and enemy forces trying to make their way onto the spaceship. When the emergency alarm goes off, tell your children to guide their Blasters to one of the three Red Alert portals to play a fun blasting game. They can utilize their Math Blaster training by blasting meteors and asteroids to keep the space station out of harms way.
  • B-Force Blaster (located in the Fitness Training Room)
    • Blasters will have a chance to help Math Blaster Heroes while zapping aliens, targets and fireballs. Blasters have three courses to choose from: the Training Course, Red Planet Level and Head to Head Challenge.
    • B-Force Training Simulator is a blasting game that simulates an invasion of the Math Blaster spaceship and builds hand-eye coordination, focus, and motor skills. By learning to confront intruders and zap them from the spaceship, Blasters will be better prepared to defend the galaxy! B-Force Blaster will not only create a better defense strategy for the ISP, but it will also teach your kids attention to detail.
    • Highlights Include: Head to Head Challenge
  • HyperBlast Training (located in the Academy)
    • Blasters race through a high-speed tunnel packed with alien robots, razor sharp obstacles and mind-bending math! Players master math facts with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division levels.
  • Zapper Turret Training (located in the Academy)
    • In Zapper Turret training, Blasters defend the space station by blasting away approaching asteroids using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills!
  • Bolt Cruncher (located in the Academy’s Job Board)
    • Are your kids ready to tackle complex math? Encourage them to step up to the challenge and build their math skills with Bolt Cruncher! Players must quickly and correctly match batteries to each robot by solving math problems to save the robots from the dreaded cruncher!
  • Alien Wrangler (located in the Fitness Training Room)
    • The Intergalactic Space Patrol is bringing the Wild Wild West to outer space! Encourage you kids to come take a ride on the Alien Wrangler, where they will answer addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problems correctly before the alien bucks them off his back! Hold on and try not to fall!
  • Oozami (located in the Academy’s Job Board)
    • Toxic ooze has grown a mind of its own and is trying to take over the Math Blaster spaceship! To tackle the ooze, Blasters must use their math skills like numeric place values, decimal place values and money recognition. By answering the problems correctly and successfully jumping from one platform to another without falling in the toxic ooze, Blasters can save the space station from a celestial catastrophe!
  • Galaxy Grand Prix (located in the Space Port)
    • Do your kids have the need for speed? Introduce them to Galaxy Grand Prix and they’ll be able to soar faster than the speed of light! Galaxy Grand Prix will tap into your child’s creative and analytical skills as they challenge themselves to build tracks, race space vehicles and interact with other Blasters!
  • Roller Ball Rally (located in the Academy’s Job Board)
    • Roller Ball Rally is a powered challenge where brave Blasters help gather energy sources to power the spaceship! Players are challenged to push as many power sources to the spaceship as possible before time runs out.
  • Morph Madness
    • Do your kids love experimenting? Encourage them to check out Morph Madness! Players become Math Blaster scientists and select from a list of pre-designed morphs in the Morph Lab. To create a morph, Blasters must collect the DNA needed to complete the experiment, mix all of the ingredients and create a morph. Then, they can turn their fellow Blasters into monsters!
  • Monster Mutts (located in the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome in the Space Port)
    • Monster Mutts are alien creatures that your kids can adopt, raise, care for and train! If your kids like pets or aliens, they'll love these mutts! Once a monster mutt larva has picked a Blaster, the Blaster must help it transform into a mutt in the Incubator. If Blasters take good care of their mutts, they will grow and be able to help Blasters go on new, exciting missions!
  • Math Blaster Birthdays
    • Do your kids love celebrating their birthdays? We do, too! In recognition of all the hard work your kids put in at, we like to make their virtual world birthday special! So encourage your kids to come play at Math Blaster for their very own personal party during the week of their birthday!
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Find areas by interest

If your child enjoys a certain game or activity, here are some activities and destinations that might be a perfect fit:

  • Racing
    • HyperBlast Training
    • Bolt Cruncher
    • Galaxy Grand Prix
    • Roller Ball Rally
  • Exploring
    • Spaceport
    • Academy
    • Fitness Training Room
    • Monster Mutt Rescue Dome
    • Morph Madness
  • Arcade Games
    • HyperBlast Training
    • Zapper Turret Training
    • Red Alert
    • Bolt Cruncher
    • B-Force Blaster
    • Alien Wrangler
    • Oozami
    • Galaxy Grand Prix
  • Puzzles
    • Galaxy Grand Prix (Track Builder)
    • Morph Madness
  • Interacting with Other Players
    • Safe Menu Chat - kids can communicate with other players through predetermined words, phrases, emoticons and dance moves
    • Safe Type Chat – kids can type and send their own messages to other players as long as all parts of these messages appear in our database of approved words and phrases (This feature must be turned on by a parent on the Manage Kids page of’s Parents section.)
    • Blaster Friends of the Future (B.F.F.) - by using your children’s B.F.F. code, your kids can add or be added to a buddy list. The buddy list allows your kids to interact and play simultaneously with their BFFs when they are online.

Find areas by subject taught

The games at encourage kids to practice math and critical thinking skills. Games at currently include skills from Kindergarten to 6th Grade curriculums, and we are working hard to add more advanced math skill practice. If you are looking for games to practice a specific math skill, use the guide below:

Where are the best places to go to practice math skills?

  • Math Facts (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division)
    • Zapper Turret Training
    • HyperBlast Training
    • Alien Wrangler
  • Fractions, Decimals and Percents
    • Bolt Cruncher
  • Money
    • Oozami
  • Place Values
    • Ooozami
  • 3D Figures
    • Bolt Cruncher

Understanding Membership at

What Membership Includes

Membership includes complete access to, (a virtual world for ages 3-12 created by the makers of Math Blaster) and 4 downloadable JumpStart games. By becoming a Math Blaster member, you can make your family’s Math Blaster experience even more fun, engaging and beneficial.

  • Membership includes access to thousands of learning games based on the curriculum taught in preschool through 6th grade.
  • Membership encourages creativity by allowing kids to personalize their avatars even more.
  • Membership allows players access to higher game levels to practice advanced math concepts.

Learn more about membership!

Purchasing a membership

There are three different membership plans to choose from: monthly, annual and lifetime. All memberships have the same unlimited access and added features.

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