PERMDAS – Learning the Order of Operations

PERMDAS is a good way of remembering the priority order of operations in an equation with multiple problems:

Parenthesis: ( ) - A way to prioritize a certain part of a math equation. Whatever is in a parenthesis should be dealt with first.

Exponents: x2 - A way to express how many times a number is multiplied by itself.

Roots: √49 - The root of a number is the number it multiplies itself by to equal that number. For example the root of 49 is 7, because 7 x 7 = 49.

Multiplication: 2 x 4 – Multiplying two numbers together. It is a faster way to do large amounts of addition.

Division: 4/2 – Division is the breaking down of a number by another number.

Addition: 4 + 2 – Adding is the process of combining numbers to give you another number.

Subtraction: 4 – 2 – This is the process of taking away a certain amount from another number.

If you also want to get really creative, here is a common acronym for PEMDAS: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.


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