How Lego Blocks Can Help Your Child Advance in Math

Kids are in perpetual fear of the important, challenging subject called math. Parents, too, sometimes have difficulty introducing and explaining the subject to their children. However, blending math with fun and adopting innovative ways to teach math will help kids get more comfortable with tricky mathematical topics. Playing with Lego blocks is a cool way to get kids to improve their math skills. Here are a few enjoyable ways that Lego blocks can help kids learn math.

"sudoko" by Marie Andersson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Teaching Addition with Lego

You will need three different colors of blocks to play this game. Sort them out according to their colors. Place a series of yellow Legos in a column, and next to them another column of blue Legos. You will now have rows of yellow and blue blocks adjacent to each other. Kids will have to count the total number of studs on the yellow and blue blocks and demonstrate the answer with a third color of blocks, continuing to make another column as they go on adding each row.

How to Introduce Kids to Fractions with Lego

Lego blocks can make a cool math resource in exploring part-part numbers and their whole counterparts! Group two or more different colored Lego blocks and ask the kids to display them as a fraction. Students can also start with a larger brick, cover part of it with a smaller brick, and figure out the amount of remaining uncovered studs.

Square numbers with Lego

Lego blocks are such useful tools in teaching multiplication. Use the Legos to introduce your kids to square roots, division, counting, etc. Use the image below for your reference.

Other Math Skills with Lego Blocks

Write down the math symbols for division, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and equality on Lego blocks of the same color. Write different numbers on three different colored blocks. Use them as you please to teach students about different math concepts. The image below will help you.

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