Easy Graphing

When first learning how to graph numbers, the positive and negative coordinates can get confusing when placing them in the correct quadrant. The easiest way to start off is the top right quadrant are both positive numbers (x,y). Therefore, the exact opposite, the lower left hand corner are both negative integers (-x,-y).

With these basics down, the tricky part is differentiating the other two quadrants. So, an easy trick, if the x integer is negative (-x,y), it is in the upper left hand quadrant. You can remember this because the x coordinate is the first number shown in the coordinates given, to the left of the y coordinate.

Therefore, the second coordinate, the y axis, if that number is negative (x,-y), then it is in the lower right hand quadrant. As it is to the right of the x coordinate, it is in the right side quadrant.

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