Dividing Decimals

Dividing decimals can be a very tricky skill to master. After learning how to do basic division and long division, dividing decimals is a piece of cake. Instead of just placing the remainder at the top of the quotient, your child now needs to take it one step further. To refresh your memory, the remainder is the number that cannot be divided because it is too small in comparison to the divisor. When dividing decimals, you just keep moving the decimal point to the right, and add a zero to the end of the divisor until the problem can no longer be divided.

Here is an example problem to help your child master the art of dividing with decimals:


Dividing Decimals

Step 1:

Dividing Decimals

The underlined portion signifies that the decimal needs to be moved over one place to the right in order to make the divisor a whole number instead of a decimal.

Step 2:

Dividing Decimals

Next figure out how many times 34 goes in to 55, which is one. 34 × 1 = 34
Next bring down the 3 to continue dividing the problem.

Step 3:

Dividing Decimals

Continue step 2 until the number cannot be divided.
In this case, 213 goes in to 34 six times. 34 × 6 = 204
Next bring down the 1 to continue dividing the problem.

Step 4:

Dividing Decimals

Next we need to find out how many times 34 goes into 91.
In this case, 91 goes in to 34 two times. 34 × 2 = 68.
Next bring down the 8 and the end result should be 238.

Step 5:

Dividing Decimals

Finally, we need to find how many times 238 goes into 34.
We have a match! 238 is a multiple of 34! 34 × 7 = 238

The quotient is 16.27.

Dividing Decimals can be a difficult concept to learn. This is why it is important to encourage your child to keep practicing outside of the classroom. Learning in class and applying it within the comforts of your own home is the most beneficial way for your child to succeed. Have them bring their class work and homework to your attention and take the time to understand your child’s pace in learning this simple concept.

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